Societe Generale Group

Societe Generale Equipment Finance is a 100% subsidiary of the Societe Generale finance group, which has risen to become one of the largest European financial holdings in the 160 years since its inception. The group operates in 65 countries across the globe, employing 126,000 people and serving 25 million clients. It provides consulting and services to personal, corporate and institutional clients in the area of retail, corporate and investment banking and private banking. 


Komerční banka

One of Societe Generale’s arms is Komerční banka, which is the parent of the KB Group in the Czech Republic.

Komerční banka is a frontline banking institution in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe at large. A universal bank, it encompasses retail, corporate and investment banking. Its services are used by

  • 1.6 million clients
  • at 219 branches
  • with the help of more than 790 ATMs.

Theclose cooperation between Komerční banka and SG Equipment Finance in the Czech Republic dates back to 2003. In 2011, KB purchased a majority stake (50.1%), while the remaining 49.9% is held by Societe Generale Equipment Finance SA. Clients benefit from this partnership mainly because of the affordable offers and the reduced paperwork required for approvals.


Komerční banka in the Slovak Republic

In Slovakia Komerční banka provides its clients with services via a branch called “Komerční banka, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky”. The bank offers comprehensive financial solutions for corporate clients. From project financing and direct banking to trade finance or investment banking products.

The position of the KB branch is especially strong as it has the know-how of the parent KB and uses synergies within KB and SG Group, thanks to which it is able to provide its clients with comprehensive financial solutions.