CARE and DARE about the FUTURE

At the heart of the real economy, SGEF is committed to support energy transition investments, for the benefit of our planet and the society.

Over the next 5 years, we intend to focus on a growing share of our finance portfolio on sustainable business together with our partners and clients. Our asset-life-cycle management approach will ensure an ecological and environmental positive use and reuse of resources and with our global team, we create a company culture for sustainable working practice.

Based on 4 pillars "BUILD - SCALE - REUSE - LIVE", SGEF has developed an ambitious CSR strategy named “Care and Dare about the FUTURE”:

SGEF will be the “Partner of choice for new and sustainable business” in the B2B segment per business sector and customer segment.


Together with our clients and partners, we will further “shift and grow our existing finance portfolio to sustainable assets and finance”.


SGEF will further develop its focus on “asset-life-cycle management to optimize the management and use of resources” by involving our clients and partners in the process. 


For achieving our CSR ambition 2025, we will create a “company culture for sustainable working practices” – internally and externally.

Why SGEF is key to generate positive impact and deliver sustainable growth?

How SGEF can support sustainable growth?