High-tech and medical technology

Our expertise in this area includes the financing of:

  • Information technology - hardware & software
  • Office equipment
  • Medical technology (in the Czech Republic)


In the realm of IT, we finance hardware sets – computers, laptops, active network components and peripherals supplied by IT product and IT service providers. Our clients here come from all types of business spheres and the public sector.


Software can be financed by means of loans or claim purchasing. A claim assignment entails the financing of a direct relationship between the supplier and the end-user. The supplier issues an invoice together with a schedule of instalments, and assigns the claim thereby arising to us. The end user then pays instalments to directly to us.

Medical technology

We provide hospitals, specialised laboratories, private centres and general practitioners with financing for computer tomography apparatus, MRI equipment, linear accelerators, lasers and x-ray devices. The offer is only valid for the Czech Republic.

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