Rail vehicle financing

We are a leading provider of non-bank financing for various types of locomotives, passenger cars, and other vehicles for passenger and cargo rail transport. Our representatives approach every client and every business case individually to as much as possible facilitate the purchase and subsequent operation of rail vehicles.

In 2004, we forged a partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB), which allows us to offer clients advantageous interest rates. In communicating with the EIB, we handle all matters on behalf of the client, and no additional documents are needed for transaction approval. EIB subsidies are mainly intended for small and medium enterprises and corporations with fewer than 3,000 employees in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia for projects worth up to EUR 25 million. Interest subsidies are available for 100% of the sum financed by SGEF based on a bilaterally signed annex to the financing agreement. 

Since 2017, we have also been part of EIB Climate Action, an initiative intended for businesses of all sizes, corporations, and state-owned enterprises, particularly for financing projects aimed at reducing environmental impact. Only electric locomotives are eligible for subsidies under this program.

For additional information about subsidy programs, visit the subsidy page on our website.

We specialize in providing financing for:

  • Locomotives
  • Passenger cars
  • Freight cars

Advantages of using our services:

  • We offer flexible financing arrangements in EUR or CZK with fixed or variable installments.
  • We will prepare a customized solution based on your needs and arrange legal and tax consulting in partnership with renowned consultancies.
  • Likewise, we will arrange advantageous insurance coverage for the vehicles you acquire. Insurance premium will be included in installments.
  • We will also arrange EIB interest subsidies under the institution's programs, including Climate Action initiative.

The available forms for financing locomotives and other rail vehicles include financial and operating lease, loan, and installment plan. The repayment term depends on the financing method. It lasts 10 years for financial lease. For a shorter term, we recommend loan, installment plan, or operating lease. We provide financing for both new and preowned vehicles.

Contact our sales managers who are experts on financing rail vehicles and will be happy to provide you with a financing solution tailored to your needs and resources.