Agricultural equipment

We are one of the most important partners for farmers in the financing of agricultural and forestry equipment.

Czech Republic

AGROÚVĚR PRÉMIUM (AGROCREDIT), our product specially tailored to farmers, takes account of all relevant factors – the market situation, the specific business operations, and the seasonal nature of farming. In order to harness subsidy schemes, it is based on the principle of loan financing.

In the space of four years, we have expanded our market share in the non-bank financing of agriculture from 5% to 14%, with SGEF clients now ranking among the four largest beneficiaries of PGRLF subsidies.

Benefits of AGROÚVĚR

  • An attractive interest rate
  • Fixed instalments over the full duration of financing
  • Financing of the full price of machinery until a subsidy is awarded
  • Combination with subsidy schemes
  • No contracting or account management charges
  • All-risk insurance, with the amount of the premium guaranteed over the full repayment period
  • VAT is not due on repayments

Slovak Republic

In Slovakia, our client can apply for a subsidy from the Agricultural Paying Agency to purchase various items.

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