Commodities financed

We help your projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia get off the ground. We provide financing for the acquisition of machinery and vehicles for transport, agriculture, aviation, and railway applications and for a wide range of machine tools, construction machinery, and printing machines. In addition, we finance software, hardware, office equipment, and medical devices.

The financing options we offer include financial and operating lease, loans, and financial products for the financing of assets. In addition, we arrange all-inclusive insurance coverage for financed assets in partnerships with leading brokerage firms and insurance companies.

We specialize in financing for the acquisition of assets in the following segments:

Transport equipment Vehicle financing accounts for approximately 40% of our portfolio. We help carriers acquire tractors, trailers, semi-trailers, trucks, and buses as well as various special vehicles, such as tankers and lowboy trailers.

Industrial equipmentWe have 25 years of experience with financing production and industrial equipment and machinery. We offer excellent terms for financing machining centers, plastic and food processing machines, packing and printing machines, and various other production facilities.

High-Tech Equipment and Medical DevicesWe possess international experience and proprietary expertise in providing financing for the high-tech sector (hardware, software, and office equipment). We assist health facilities with the acquisition of medical devices and equipment (devices for dentists, optical investments, ultrasound units, tomography units, magnetic resonance imaging units, X-ray units, and lasers).

Agriculture equipment – Every year, we provide farmers with approximately one billion Czech crowns for the acquisition of tractors, combine harvesters, threshing machines, and various other machines for agriculture and forestry applications. Our clients rank among leading recipients of PGRLF subsidies. We provide consulting for the preparation and submission of subsidy applications.

Construction equipment– We provide financing for the entire range of civil and engineering construction vehicles and machinery, including diggers, excavators, loaders, drilling rigs, mobile cranes, dozers, dampers, and other specialized machines. The seasonal nature of construction work is reflected in individually agreed payment schedules.

Our partnership with Komerční banka, shared international know-how, and the strong financial resources of the Societe Generale Group allow us to provide customized services adapted to the needs of clients. In addition, we offer top consulting services aimed at finding solutions to the asset acquisition needs of clients, ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Whether you approach a KB banking advisor or an SGEF manager, we will always help you find the best solution tailored to your specific needs.