Business loans

We also provide financial resources for the purchase of a pre-agreed subject of financing. These funds are typically paid directly to the supplier’s account. From the outset of such financing , the asset owner is customer, who accounts for tax depreciation and includes the item in their own balance sheet. The repayment period, along with the amount and structure of repayments, depends on the individual needs and requirements of each client.

SGEF is contractual partners with the Support and Guarantee Farming and Forestry Fund (PGRLF), EIB (European Investment Bank) and CEB (Council of Europe Development Bank), an arrangement with gives clients access to loans with subsidy-based aid under various programmes.

In Slovakia, we have signed a cooperation agreement with Ministry of Economy and the Agricultural Paying Agency.

How do you benefit?

  • You become the owner of the asset soon as it has been purchased
  • You do not need to spend your own financial resources on the acquisition of a new piece of machinery or vehicle
  • Subsidy-based aid
  • Loan financing can be combined with numerous national and EU subsidy schemes
  • Variable repayment schedule
  • There are no statutory constraints on the repayment period
  • VAT is not due on repayments
  • Loan repayments are not subject to any value added tax rate


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