Aircraft financing

The Societe Generale Equipment Finance Group, of which we are a member, has more than 50 years of experience with financing aircraft. We are currently one of a small number of financial institutions based in the Czech Republic that provide aircraft financing. Our portfolio includes large financial and industrial groups, medium and large corporations, and affluent clients.

We specialize in providing financing for:

  • Business jets
  • Turboprop aircraft
  • Helicopters

Advantages of using our services?

  • We provide flexible medium and long-term loan financing in USD or EUR.
  • We guarantee discreteness. The owner of a financed aircraft can be a special purpose entity, for example a company established to preserve the anonymity of the beneficial owner or investor.
  • We cooperate with leading global aircraft suppliers.
  • We arrange a technical audit of the acquired aircraft and the relevant documentation.
  • Likewise, we can broker an insurance arrangement.
  • We possess proprietary international know-how and 50 years of experience.
  • We will prepare a customized financing solution based on your needs and arrange legal and tax consulting in partnership with renowned consultancies. 
  • We provide short-term financing for authorized dealers for aircraft in stock.

We have financed several dozen aircraft and helicopters since 2005. We offer special-purpose loans with a fixed interest rate for the entire financing term or with a 3M variable interest rate. In such a case, the borrower is the owner of the aircraft, and SGEF is registered as the pledgee in the Aircraft Register. The financing term for aircraft acquisitions usually ranges from five to eight years, depending on the aircraft age and the financed amount.

Aircraft for which we provide financing is usually registered in the Czech Republic or in Slovakia. We are able to accept registration in other countries if requested by the client, following a review of the legal and other conditions in the country of registration.

Whether you are considering aircraft acquisition for the purpose of using this transport type in your business or you wish to improve your comfort and make the time you spend traveling more effective, do not hesitate to contact our sales managers. They are experts who will help you find a financing arrangement based on your needs and resources.